Human impact on marine life
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Human activities and marine life

You probably know already a few things about pollution, ecology, and real problems that we are facing currently. Sad fact is, human is mostly preoccupied about negative impacts he can see and be a testimony of, and rarely about impacts he can’t see, as pollution and life in the ocean.

Around 40% of the ocean has been negatively impacted by human activity. The main problems that impact the marine environment are:

Overfishing (species don’t have time to recover and decline, and bycatch of endangered species), pollution (accumulation of waste and chemical in marine environment affect growth and development and kills) invasive species (non-native animals are introduce to a new environment and kill and/or infect a specie), global warming and ocean acidification.

Global warming. Today, the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing significant damages. These damages or changes are known as “climate change”. This is due because the human activities have significantly increased the production of CO2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases are known as “greenhouse gases”, which normally keep the earth warm and hospitable. But as everything in life, it is all about balance, and unfortunately with the burning of fuels and other industrial processes, we release too much greenhouse gases. It results in a raise of global temperature and by this fact an ocean acidification, an increase of sea surface temperature, and a sea level rise.

Since we are producing so much CO2 the ocean is not able anymore to absorb it and itself become affected by this and becoming warmer. At first, we could think it is not so important, but in fact it kills coral, (coral bleaching, species like artic bears lost refuges, hurricane). Global warming is a major threat to marine biodiversity, ecosystems and human life.

Do you feel concerned about it? Do you want to know more? Maybe it could be inspiring for you to watch Seaspiracy, chasing coral, sea of shadows, sharkwater or other any nice documentaries. Never forget that even a small act, at your level can make a change for the planet. You can always contribute, as small as it is  For example, you can always keep a mesh bag in your BCD while diving and collect the rubbish as you dive.

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