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Finally and for the best we will present you the Underwater world of Mauritius

Wrecks.  For the afficionados of the wrecks, we have been blessed and helped by the authorities with the sinking of a few wrecks all around our area.

Coin de Mire :

Djabeda Wreck

Max depth: 30 meters

The wreck is located just off the bay at Coin de Mire Island "Gunner Quoin".
One of our favorite spot to go, not only for the dives but for the view and the amazing birds that can be spotted there "Paille en Queue" very easy to recognize due to their splitted end of a long tail.
As you approach Coin de Mire you will have this feeling of "Jurassic world" with roots of trees that are apparent on the \island  rocks searching  for some earth and catching the humidity and the rain. Definitively a must go/do thing.
Djabeda Wreck is a perfect dive for more experienced wreck divers , on top of the depth you will have to work your way down as  very often currents are strong at this spot, but the reward is worth the challenge.
Do not forget to take your camera or gopro as you will visit this wreck, Giant murrays are hiding all over the wreck, schools of yellow snappers and butterfly fish can be spotted there too. Scorpion fishes like to hide on the top deck or at the bottom of the front loading bay.

Grand Bay Pereybere :

Silver Star

Silver Star is a shipwreck in the North of Mauritius flooded in 1992 to form an artificial reef. The  maximum depth is at 39m with the deck at around 27 meters and various penetration entry spots.
Nitrox divers will be able to grasp the best of this wreck with a longer bottom time and you will see how Bannerfish and Angelfish hover around the hull.

Trou aux Biches : 

Emily and Waterlily

Max depth: 25 meters

Emily and Waterlily were sank in the early 1980s. The two barges are covered with brilliantly colored soft coral and are home to many different types of fish and eels – bluestripe snapper,surgeonfish, nudibranchs and yellow mouth morays, to name a few.
The two wrecks are sitting next to each other and you can easily roam from one to the other.

Both wrecks are relatively small Emily & Waterlily offers the best wreck diving for beginners, and an excellent place to learn your wreck specialty and do your skills.

Stella Maru

Max depth: 25 meters

Sunk in 1987 by the Mauritius Conservation Society, Stella Maru took over 20 years to become an artificial reef full of life she was an Japanese trawler of a lengh of approximatly 50 meters and thankfully is sitting upright, even sank in 87 the wreck is still in an excellent condition
Excellent subject for taking picture you will be impressed of the shoots you can take from the bow of the boat,
 hundreds of different species of marine life are hosting her.


KT Mawar

Max Depth: 23 metres 

Type of Wreck: Boat

One great intact shipwreck lying on its side on the ocean floor is the KT Mawar, an abandoned vessel purposely sunk with the help of the government, to create an artificial reef in Trou-aux-Biches.


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